Who We Are

Our Experience

AESIT provides Smart Systems Integration, Management, and Cloud Services to organizations.

AESIT has served business organizations for over 25 years!  We've helped our customers to better comprehend, design, document, implement, manage and maintenance quality, smart solutions! AESIT has served the needs of customers internationally in Architecture, Engineering, Government, Higher Education, Military, and Non-Profit markets.  Our skilled personnel have leveraged emerging technologies to increase revenue using proven project management methodologies that ensures project’s finish on time, on budget, with desired results!  

For decades organizations have trusted AESIT to implement smart, honest, and cost saving solutions!  Customers supported have included The American Institute of Architects, Department of Defense, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and United States Patent and Trademark Office to name a few.

Areas of expertise include: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai)
  • Business Intelligence (Bi)
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise Systems Administration 
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EaM)
  • Intelligent Workplace Management Systems (iWMS)
  • Mobile Technology
  • and so much more.............

Our Approach

AESIT's approach is based on solid principals of communication, flexibility, and sound strategies!

Our experience has taught many lessons and helped us to learn how to mitigate unforeseen project challenges. Problems of our past have revealed necessary details and techniques that were previously overlooked.  The use of additional knowledge has helped our customers and AESIT to improve the way we do business! 

Honesty is our best policy! First, we must understand the truth about your challenges and barriers before we are able to chart your course. Next, we penetrate deep inside your organization to identify the obvious and not so obvious issues that adversely affect the way you do business. This is why our approach is so effective. 

We've analyzed, consolidated, and reduced lessons learned down to what has proven to be a solid approach to solving most business problems! 

Our proven Three-Step approach will logically ensure that your problem is successfully resolved!

  • Communication
  • Flexibility and
  • Sound Strategies

1. Communication.

Everyone knows communication is a fundamental necessity! Our communication is clarified, transparent, and effective, with all concerns and points-of-view valued and freely expressed. 

2. Flexibility.

We practice open-mindedness and flexibility to existing organizational cultures, technology resistance, and individual stakeholder goals. This helps us to break down barriers of silos that disrupt the flow of effective ideas so that we may better understand the best solution.

3. Sound Strategies.

We identify and implement a sound strategy, tailored to best address your problem. A strategy that is based on information gathered, industry best practices, and years of project experience.

Finally, when our approach is applied appropriately, it can improve your business operations and culture, resulting in a significantly increased ROI!

Simply stated "We got this!" Once we’ve identified the best solution, we get right to work! Using our Three-Step approach, your problem is sure to be resolved!

Our Competitive Advantage


"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!"   

- Mike Tyson      

Many of us can relate to this famous quote!  AESIT is a name you can trust to take a punch and still go the distance! In addition to practicing project managment principals of agility, we are agile!  Our agility provides us the ability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to your project's unforeseen changes. While other organizations may be able to achieve your goals; bogged down with legacy processes, investor confidence concerns, and bloated management systems, an achievement can prove to be time consuming, complex, and costly! Over the years we've managed to help our customers roll with the punches, and win!

We are SWAM certified, Veteran Owned and located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, just outside our nation’s capital of Washington, DC. For decades we've performed cost saving services for some of the nation’s Top Fortune 500 corporations, local and federal governments, and non-profit organizations. AESIT supports our local community. Our project experience spans over diverse markets and countries worldwide.  

We offer intelligent technologies, a logical approach, agility, experience and the advantage of having a committed team of experts motivated to improve the way you do business! AESIT's diverse team not only works in parallel with your stakeholders to identify and mitigate any foreseen obstacles negatively impacting your project, we challenge the status quo!  Through identifying simplified, targeted, innovative solutions that can help to remove obstacles in the way of your business growth!

In 2016, AESIT was selected as one of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers in the 2016 Edition of CIOReview magazine to take your organization in the right direction.

NAICS Codes:

541310  Architectural Services 

541330  Engineering Services 

541340  Drafting Services 

541360  Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services 

541410  Interior Design Services 

541511  Custom Computer Programming Services 

541512  Computer Systems Design Services 

541513  Computer Facilities Management Services 

541519  Other Computer Related Services 

541614  Process, Physical Distribution & Logistics Consulting Services 

541690  Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services 

561210  Facilities Support Services

561410  Document Preparation Services

561621  Security Systems Services 

Our Customers