What We Do

Enterprise Asset Management (EaM)


Managing enterprise assets and their life-cycles have become an integral part of a modern day business administration. Today, robust asset management strategies help in improving asset utilization, performance, operation, and maintenance costs. Importantly, EaM's help organizations gain valuable knowledge in negotiating the life-cycle of their assets to its optimal duration. AESIT provides your organization the convenience of EaM capability with mobile access, enhanced security, scalable and customizable to meet the most stringent compliance requirements. “The more you know about your assets, the more empowered you are to save on their optimization!"

Intelligent Workplace Management Systems (iWMS)


We are not partner exclusive!  That's right, we help you identify the best iWMS solution to maximize ROI based on your requirements and management goals! Our intelligent workplace management systems (iWMS) can be characterized as an enterprise software platform that integrates (5) key components of functionality.

The essential functional areas of any iWMS Solution includes:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Facilities and Space Management
  • Workplace Operations and Maintenance Management
  • Environmental Sustainability and  Energy Management

All components are collectively operated using a single interface and database repository where objects, and data are stored.  Information is made accessible, as you specify, using desktops and/or mobile devices, tailored to meet the roles and responsibilities of your end-users.

iWMS solutions enable executives to better optimize the use of workplace resources, to include the management of your company's infrastructure, facility assets, and real estate portfolio.

 AESIT's managers, engineers, developers and technicians can assist your organization to make smarter business decisions.  You can be assigned a dedicated project life-cycle expert. AESIT's team, through the optimization of gathered facility data resources, can empower your organization with the ability to bring the necessary business intelligence tools you require to the table.

Enterprise Systems Administration


We're your one-stop-shop to ensure your data center systems and information are always available and protected! Whether on-site or in the cloud, we understand that without access to your information, you're less productive! Our disaster contingency planning helps ensure your information is available.   

Our core IT Service offerings include:

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Cyber Security Threat Protection
  • Data Center Administration and Help Desk
  • Disaster Recovery Planning / Documentation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Systems Integration and Automation

As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to provide a suite of offerings covering Productivity, Infrastructure, Business Aps, Voice, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Security and Compliance.  

All services are provided using the best and the brightest we have to offer! If we don't know, we'll hire a certified expert who does! These experts are then assigned for the entire life-cycle of your project. Rest assured you are in good hands. No bait and switch!

Our managers, engineers, developers and technicians pride themselves on being able to provide personalized help desk customer service!  No geek talk! We are here to help. Our rapid, responsive, and caring team approach will help you to better support your end-user's needs. AESIT's customer service has received rave reviews from our customers.

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